What is a Santa Claus?

Written by J. Thurman, W. Goulden
Performed by Stan Kenton

IMG_6693Illustration: Julie Jilek Art


About this time every year, the kids ask me,
„What is a Santa Claus?“
And I kinda smile and I remember when I was their age
and the wonderment and excitement that was Santa Claus
comes back to me.
This magical, mystical creature,
Who once a year brings so much happiness to so many people is with us again
And, I remember.
I remember what my mother used to tell me when I asked her about Santa Claus.
She’d sit down and lift me to her lap and say,
„Son, Santa Claus is many things.
He’s, he’s a world traveller, a toy inventor, a diplomat,
and he has the biggest and best delivery system ever devised.
He’s a genius who can pack more sleds, bicycles, and dolls,
and candy and blocks and toy cars and airplanes into one bag than anyone else.
And he can even get a supersonic robot who will play with a little boy
in there too.
He receives more mail than the President,
makes more trips than the Secretary of State,
and he gives your daddy more funny neckties than he knows what to do with.
He’s seen everywhere, standing on street corners, in department stores,
on billboards,
and some even say they’ve seen him high in the sky in his sleigh.
Santa Claus loves little children and animals, and has seven wonderful reindeer
that go with him every year when he makes his visits around the world.
He has more friends and more helpers than anyone else on earth,
and he loves the cold weather so much that he lives at the North Pole.
Best of all, he doesn’t ask much for his services, just that all little girls and boys be good and fair, and grow up that way to make the world a better place,
and Santa’s job a little easier.
And so, when the children ask me,
„What is a Santa Claus?“,
I tell them, tell them what my mother told me
and it makes them happy.
And I think when my mother told me,
it made her very, very happy, too.





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